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New photos will be here as programs resume. There have been no in-person programs since mid-March, 2020.

Photos from our Staff, Membership and Volunteer Brunch - November, 2019
A few pictures including our 2019 Friend of the year
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breakfast April, 2019 - Volunteer Breakfast

Annual Staff and Volunteer Luncheon - November, 2018 -- 2 albums
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Friends of the Year

brunch April, 2018 - Volunteer Brunch

February, 2018 - Retirement Party for Leslie Chudnoff, senior librarian
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Brunch November, 2017 - Staff and Volunteer Brunch, Annual Membership Meeting
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April, 2017 - Annual Volunteer Breakfast
Photo Gallery

We Celebrated Our Rebuilt Library's 10th Anniversary!!
April 20, 2013.

Photos, the Program, Further Resources - all the information Here

Presentation on the History of Tarzana - August 18, 2012
Ralph J. Herman, Sr., Tarzana Historian @ Encino-Tarzana Library, speaking to an SRO room with extensive displays.
(Pictures, and further Resources on the History of Tarzana HERE)
Ralph Herman

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